Built in the 17th century by D. Gonçalo de Sousa de Macedo, Chancellor of the Exchequer, jurist and diplomat, the building was given the name Palace of the Counts of Mesquitela in 1754 by D. Luís de Sousa de Macedo, 1st Viscount of Mesquitela.
More than four hundred years later, Paço – Investimentos Imobiliários began a renovation project based on the principle of respecting and enhancing the original historical landmark and architectural value. The project, designed by well-known architectural firm Intergaup, headed by Diogo Lima Mayer, has received many accolades for the extraordinary conversion of Palácio Mesquitela into a unique landmark that exudes refined good taste and a modern touch.

First, we are struck by the building's loftiness, bearing important testimony about the palace's and Lisbon's history.  Taking a closer look, we are captivated by the Apartments and Lofts, symbols of sophistication and elegance, which define the new layout of Palácio Mesquitela.

This private condominium comprises seven lofts and thirty-six apartments, ranging from one to four bedrooms, spread across five buildings, as well as four retail spaces.

Palácio Mesquitela has an excellent exposure to the sun, and an 810 m2 inner garden which was designed so as to be enjoyed exclusively by its residents.

Palácio Mesquitela historical outline is combined with markedly contemporary elements, which give it a unique character. The façades of the magnificent original building were preserved, as was the main gate on the corner of Calçada do Combro and Travessa do Alcaide. The Chapel, which originally served the Palace, was restored and today it is available to Mesquitela's residents.

This private, gated condominium delivers all of the privacy one looks for in an exclusive development.