Combining its extraordinary location with the highest standards of quality, the Lofts and Premium Apartments at Palácio Mesquitela are a symbol of Sophistication and Elegance.

The architectural plan comprises one, two, three, four-bedroom apartments and Lofts; it was designed to satisfy the demands of even the most selective dwellers. Ample, aesthetically faultless spaces breathe and are transformed by the splendid Light of Lisbon.

Palácio Mesquitela offers the following apartments:

Areas ranging from 118m² to 221m²
Including two parking spaces per Loft

One-bedroom Apartment
Areas ranging from 57m² to 109m²
Including one parking space per Apartment

Two-bedroom Apartments
Areas ranging from 88m² to 210m²
Including one parking space per Apartment

Three-bedroom Apartments
Areas ranging from 135m² to 219m²
Including two parking spaces per Apartment

Four-bedroom Apartments
Area 199 m2
With three parking spaces

There are extra garage spaces available; these may be acquired separately.
Each unit or loft has storage space available.

Palácio Mesquitela has been conceived from inception to meet the strictest quality standards. Meticulously conceived and designed, the building leaves its mark both with its indoor and outdoor design and in the special care taken in selecting construction materials, finishings and equipment.
Still, its classification as a Public Interest brings tax benefits because this is exempted from IMI payment.

Each apartment is unique. Exclusive. An architectural masterpiece.