Palácio Mesquitela is a historic building which dates back to the 17th century, with distinctive characteristics and specificities.

Owned by the Sousa de Macedo family, it was their official residence for over 400 years, and from its windows eight out of thirteen generations watched the city of Lisbon grow and thrive.

In the 20th century, the building housed two schools and the Pedagogical Museum, First it housed the Rodrigues Sampaio Preparatory School at the start of the century; then it housed the D. Maria I all-girl school during the Estado Novo years.

On 30 November 1993 the Palace was classified as an official city landmark.

In 2008 it was acquired by Paço – Investimentos Imobiliários, which renovated the Palace guided by the principle of respecting and enhancing the original structure and architecture.

The renovation project was carried out by the well-known Intergaup architectural firm, headed by Diogo Lima Mayer and started that same year. The site houses important testimonies which depict the history of the palace and of Lisbon itself. The façades, the chapel and the interior garden are the palace's most unique and priceless features.

On the main façade the pilasters, the sixteen French windows, the majestic gate and its ashlar frame topped by a triangular pediment with the Sousa de Macedo family’s stone coat of arms, remain intact.